Thursday, July 31, 2008

Complete the Sale

It always surprises me when retailers don't complete the sale. Here is an example;

I recently bought a wireless speaker that would allow me to listen to my stereo or iPod while sitting on my back deck. However, when I went to connect it, I discovered that I needed a transmitter for my receiver. That meant I had to go through the hassle of locating that item, driving to the store, and waiting in line to pay for it.

If the salesperson had been on top of his game, he would have known that I needed that extra piece and would have sold it to me. Instead, I ended up buying it from a different store and was frustrated in the process.

Examples like this are abundant. It doesn't matter whether it's a lack or product knowledge, poor sales skills, or the plain old fear of suggesting additional items, this costs you money both in lost sales and lost customers.

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