Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Retail Sales Training- What Happened to Respect?

Most grocery stores have an express lane; in fact, some stores now have two different express lanes (1-8 items and 1-16 items). However, when was the last time they actually enforced this guideline?

I get tired of standing in line behind someone who decided to use one of these checkout lanes even though they were well over the number of items. But what really frustrates me, is that no one in the grocery store EVER says anything to these individual's which means the stores actually condition people to ignore the restriction. I usually make it a point to mention the item restriction to people who abuse the system, and more often than not, I'm told to mind my own business.

The same holds true for handicapped or invalid parking spots. I think it's intolerable that healthy and fit people use these spots because they're too lazy to walk the extra steps. Yet, I have NEVER seen anyone get a ticket for parking in one of these spots. I wish retailers AND mall landlords would monitor the use of these spots and IMMEDIATELY ticket and tag, or better yet, tow unauthorized vehicles. But, they're too concerned about possible repercussions. they feel that by making these spaces available--which is required by law anyway--that they have done their duty.

It's time for everyone to speak up. When you see someone disregarding laws and rules like this, you need to stand up and say something to that person. Teach them that their disrespect for other people isn't going un-noticed.

Just once, I'd like to see a cashier or a supervisor tell a customer to pack up their shopping cart and move to the proper line. As a retail employee, manager, or owner, you can improve your business by refusing to allow people to take advantage of these restrictions. Will you take some heat for it? Perhaps. And it will also take courage. But you will also gain a tremendous amount of respect from your other customers.


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