Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Merchandising Matters

I was recently looking to replace my cell phone and ventured into my local wireless provider's store to view the current phones. It had been over two years since I purchased my phone so I expected to see some great updates and a wider selection to choose from.

As I wandered around the store and checked out their available wares, I noticed that the only information about the phones that was visible was the price.

One phone caught my eye but it was gross pink--a colour I wouldn't even dream of carrying around. My wife asked the salesperson if that phone came in different colours--a question I didn't think of asking. Fortunately, that particular model was also available in a steel grey, and after seeing it, I bought it.

However, had my wife NOT asked that question, I would have left the store without making a purchase.

The manner in in which your store is merchandised will influence a person's decision to make a purchase. In fact, I remember no longer shopping at particular grocery store because they continually changed where products were located. Bundle like-products together. Position complementary items in the same area. If your products come in different colours, make sure your customers can see them. Merchandising makes a tremendous difference.


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