Monday, October 06, 2008

That Was Easy!

Back to school shopping is challenging for most people. However, I recently encountered one retailer who made this annual event easier for their customers. A local Staples store created a one-page list of the necessities for each grade level. Plus, they also drew up a one-page plan-o-gram of the store and highlighted the specific areas where the items were stocked. This information was strategically placed just inside the front entrance of the store which increased their visibility and prominence.

I thought this strategy was brilliant for a number of reasons:

It was customer focused. The lists explained the necessary supplies a student requires in each grade. Plus, the store map sped up the shopping process which is something every time-crunched parent appreciates.

It was very inexpensive to execute. Each list was neatly typed and printed on colour paper.

It was properly located. It was difficult to miss this display because it was situated directly inside the front entrance which means that most people shopping for school supplies would have the opportunity to take advantage of it.

Staples slogan is “That was easy” and they certainly delivered on this.

What can you do to make the shopping experience easier for your customers?

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