Friday, October 27, 2006

Retail Sales Training - Ask for the Sale

A national business magazine recently conducted a test of airline call centres. Among other things, they rated;

- the length of time spent on hold
- the friendliness of the agent
- how quickly the transaction was processed
- if the agent tried to close the sale

Not surprisingly, most agents did NOT make an attempt to close the sale after they had provided the information to the caller. This is a common mistake that many retailers fall prey to as well.

Most front-line staff are not taught how to ask a customer for their business. The majority of retail sales staff I talk to, tell me that they don't want to come across as pushy or that they don't want to upset the customer. Yet, if they were taught how to ask for a sale in a professional manner, the store's sales will increase--instantly!

Asking for the sale does not mean you have be aggressive, rude or pushy. If you have followed the rest of the sales process properly, you have earned the right to ask for the sale. And many of your customers expect it.

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