Thursday, January 11, 2007

Retail Sales Training - Get Ready for Superbowl

If you work in the electronics business, you can expect sales to be brisk in the next few weeks since Superbowl 41 is just 24 days away. Part of the hype and lead-up to this event are the statistics involved. Here are some numbers to consider:

- Cost of a 30 second ad: $2.4 million plus production and development costs.
- Total game time: 60 minutes; total commercial time: 30 minutes
- Number of viewers: 125+ million
- Guacamole consumed on Superbowl Sunday: 8 million pounds
- Chips consumed: 14,500 tons
- Increase in Antacid sales the day after: 20%

So, what do these stats have to do with retail?

Well, statistics also indicate that sales of big screen TVs increase by five times in the week leading up to this event. Plus, 42% of the viewers are women. If you sell electronics, sports attire or memorabilia you should be thinking how you can maximize your sales during the next couple of weeks. Here are a few tips you can use to improve your sales results when selling to the opposite sex in the next couple of weeks.

Men selling to women:
1. Slow down your pace
2. Invest time and energy getting to know your female customer so they will be interested in continuing the relationship
3. Talk abut her, her business, her interests, her needs and not about yourself
4. Listen carefully to what she says
5. Avoid giving advice unless you are directly asked

Women selling to men:
1. Look, sound and act confident
2. Keep your conversations related to business or the male clients’ interests
3. Spend less time on social conversation
4. Move more quickly through the sales process and get to the point faster
5. Set clear goals to increase your effectiveness

Please recognize that these strategies are general in nature and are not intended to include ALL members of the opposite sex. However, I have learned in my sales interactions and training workshops that these tips are very helpful. Get more information on this topic in my book.

Don't wait for customers to come to you, be assertive and proactive in seeking them out. And don't forget to focus attention on your female customers--remember almost half of the viewers will be women.


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