Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Retail Sales Training - Timing is Everything

I was buying a pair of jeans the other day, and surprisingly, received some excellent assistance from one of the sales associates working in the store. I tried on several pairs and finally decided on one particular pair.

I thanked the sales associate for her help and proceeded to the POS to pay for them. As the manager(?) rang up the sale she said, "We have a 60 day exchange policy if you're not satisifed with them." My immediate thought was, "Why is she telling me this?" I had already tried the jeans on and if I wasn't satisifed with them, I would not have bought them.

While I appreciate the fact that the store has a liberal exchange policy, her timing was way off. It would have been much better for the sales associate to say this while I was trying the jeans on, not after I had already made my decision. Or better yet, advise me of this poilicy if I had demonstrated some hesitation or concern about buying the jeans.

Remember, you don't need to tell every customer about your policies. If you do tell them, make sure the timing is right.


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